impasse EP

by Losing Battles

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skipping class in high school to record songs in my room~

there are multiple versions of these songs in different stages of development out there. one is the mastered instrumental only found by clicking 'more releases' on the side bar. after the mastered instrumentals, my intention was to record the vocals for each try from scratch with a more matured tone of voice. i recruited help but we only got two songs done which i separated for the sake of consistency. 'impasse x' is on the front page of my bandcamp and features cool guest vocals. lastly, there may be alternate vocal versions on a buried myspace music page as well as on my computer.

i don't know if i plan on playing these songs with a full band some day, recording new versions all together, using them in another project. i think i did a good job when i first named it 'impasse'



released December 7, 2012

Bass Guitar written and preformed by Matt Terrian on title track, "losing battles"



all rights reserved
Track Name: losing battles
it's been happening naturally,
this hole growing in my heart,
a reoccurring anomaly,
a sign as you depart,
if i can't breath and if you can't see that,
it's like losing a battle before it starts,
i'm owning up for what i've done to you,
but it's so damn hard to fucking talk to you,

don't say another word,
just try and swallow them first,
don't say another word,
just try and swallow that sentence you were about to say,
it's just a message you can't convey

now i'll erase you,
the places i go to,
the postcards i send you,
(i've lost myself tonight)
now i'll erase you

i've lost myself tonight and now i'll erase you,
with broken anchors with drift through life,
i've lost myself tonight,
so tell me what hurts you,
and now i'll erase you
and then i'll go straight to
something that feels new
the places i go to, the postcards i send you
will be the last thing i feel for you
Track Name: dead leaves
fuck your feelings and their lack of meaning
i've wasted too many hours dreaming
like burning dead trees it won't fade slowly
it's over
don't even think of sending letters to me
what brings me down is when you come around
so run straight back to where you were
it's not like you haven't heard
it's not me who hasn't learned
don't get it?
it's fucking over
why can't you see
this isn't the place for me
and you sure as hell don't help things
when you can't complete anything
i never thought it would feel so wrong
feel so wrong with you
and it's not december yet but i can't feel it
the snow in air, it's getting so cold out here
run straight back to where you were
don't act like you haven't heard by now
it's snowing
you're floating
are you ready to come down?
i can't rely on you, on you
Track Name: it's every night
when i close my eyes,
these angels begin to destroy me inside,
night after night,
and i know this isn't where i should be
in terms of what's good for me

i'm clearly broken,
there's nothing left to lose and there's nothing i care to gain,
i'm clearly broken,
and fading out
(i'm counting all the times i've let you down,
should be gone,
i'm counting all the times i could've turned around)

i can't say i'm fine,
when you're standing there,
looking at me,
waiting for my reply,
maybe it was never wanted,
just something meant to be forgotten,
i'll find my way slowly one step at a time
(maybe it's all my fault,
maybe i'm just out of line,
it's so hard to move when every move feels like a waste of time)

i'm dreading the day,
same as yesterday,
i'm falling apart,
like some bullshit modern art,
i'll move back from end to start,
if only to save myself from what is all too evident
Track Name: it will help
if you make it out alone,
by nighttime it will help you
until we're ready to start new, i'll be waiting for you,
if you make it out alone,
by nighttime it will help you

if i hold on any longer,
i'm sure to fall just even harder

if you make it out alone,
by nighttime it will help you

wind blows,
trees sway,
the branches pull me away
now we're alone,
and i can't even imagine going home

wind starts to whisper,
reconcile with your own,
it's no good, sinister,
when what's held inside is all you know

if you make it out alone,
by nighttime it will help you
these questions hold the answers,
clear in time
the wind it starts to whisper,
when i'm ready to go home

sever ties,
remove from our lives,
we sift through the darkness with blurry eyes

sever ties,
remove from our lives,
the bullshit that you provide,
we sift through the darkness with blurry eyes,

and now i'm just wasting time,
i can tell that you're right
i can't stay tonight
Track Name: save
whenever i'm around you,
and suddenly the wind blows
the trees and their leaves,
they all seem to fall down onto me

to save tonight,
in this empty book i'll write down,
all these empty thoughts and thoughtless words,
rip the page out and give to her,
but for what it's worth,
there's something better out there i'm sure
is that enough for you?

this fucked up dependency,
(whenever i'm around you my thoughts are lost
a broken bridge to cross)
has gotten the best of me
assembly the cavalry,
but when it's all over said and done
and we can't tell which one of us won,
this is for you

to save tonight,
i'll bring anyone who follows,
simply open the door and walk through,
with me